Why exactly am I doing this?

A blog. Sure why not, doesn’t everyone have a blog these days? Well here’s my story. I’m a recently divorced dad of two beautiful kids, Claire and Grady. Outside of boating, golfing, cooking, watching sports or trying to extend my athletic lifespan in activities like rec league softball or hockey, I like to read and I also enjoy writing.

Striving to be the best Dad I can be during my 50% parenting time (yes, that’s the PC version of custody these days), I’ve spent a lot of time reading about kids and parenting – magazines, blogs, books, YouTube videos, you name it. And you know what I found? So much of it was written by Moms for Moms. I don’t always relate.

So I thought I would share some of my experiences in a blog. Ideally, I’d love to start a healthy conversation around parenting from the perspective of a Dad. I welcome any and all comments from Dads and Moms alike; single, married or divorced. And if you have ideas for a blog topic, I’ll gladly take suggestions.

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