Great game kids! Here are your jicama sticks and fat-free ranch dressing

I opened the email with anticipation; the game assignments for parents to bring snacks for Grady’s baseball games.  An important email, yes, because you do NOT want to be that parent who forgets the after-game snacks.  Especially for 5 year old tee-ball (more like organized sandbox time with uniforms) masked as “Little League”.

It reminded me of a great article from a Toronto columnist (here) that became so well known, he reprinted it 15 years later and it still hold a relevant message.  The younger kids don’t really care about the game and who wins – they just look forward to the post game refreshments.

I quickly scanned the email and jumped to the schedule where I saw Grady’s name next to the first game, followed quickly by a glance at my parenting time calendar to see that I would have the kids that weekend and ultimately responsible for the snacks.  Then I noticed a sentence near the bottom: “…several requests for organic and all natural snacks from parents…”

What?  for 5 year old tee-ball?  What five year want to sit through an hour of watching player after player on the other team swing and miss twice before grounding out to the pitcher, then take three swings themselves and round the bases a few times only to be rewarded with apple juice and a granola bar?  Have we really fallen that far from our childhood?  We survived just fine on Cap’n Crunch and big bags of Ruffles potato chips (yes, I could take down a full bag after school while watching Scooby Doo).  I thought organic food was when my Dad used real butter instead of margarine when he cooked up eggs on Saturday morning.

Up until the day before the game, I was honestly tempted to bring Pixie Stix, Fun Dip and the most syrupy, artificially flavored juice box I could find.  But when my time came to stand my ground and prove a point, not to mention be the hero of eight undernourished 5 year olds…I failed.  I let down the anti-organic movement.  The 8am game time didn’t help either (so I’ll use that as part of my excuse).

The kids went home with yogurt-covered raisins and Capri Suns (yep, the low-cal flavored water version).  So I stopped by the grocery store with the kids on the way home and we treated ourselves to donuts.

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