“Can we make this an annual tradition?”

I’ll readily admit my slight apprehension upon embarking on a 5 day adventure to Wisconsin Dells with two kids and no other adults.  My fears were certainly unfounded; the road trip was a blast!  And while I started to crave some adult conversation toward the end, being a kid for a week was pretty darn fun.

A few of my favorite moments:

Grady: “Give me that candy Claire!  I want to see how many calories are in it.”

Claire:  “Daddy, can you stop?  I have to go potty again,”  literally one minute after pulling back on the interstate.

Claire mistaking another car for ours, tries the back door (it’s unlocked) and nearly climbs into the backseat.

The kids zip lining for the first time:

Claire, in a hushed voice:  “This is going to be epic,”  as we entered the self-proclaimed largest water park in America.

Claire:  “Why do you always go to the bathroom with Daddy?!”  Grady:  “That’s none of your business!”

Clare:  “Maybe we should meet some of our neighbors,” after 3 nights in the motel (yes, we stayed at a classic Americana motel).

Grady:  “I just farted and it’s disgusting.  It smells like Fruit Loops!”

Yep, those are my kids.

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