Daddy, can you wear a tiger eye?

Car conversations with the kids are always interesting.  I have them captive and due to a self-imposed rule of no DVDs, iPods or other video screens in the car*, we have plenty of time to talk.  However sometimes we simply enjoy listening to a little music as I continue my quest to ensure their love of classic 70’s rock and selected 80’s bands like Hall and Oates and AC/DC.  A few days ago the below conversation actually took place.

* The exception to the no-electronics rule is road trips over 2 hours, I’m not that crazy.

Scene – returning home from Claire’s gymnastics practice with Survivor’s, “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background.  Claire is 7 and Grady is 5 years old.tigereye

G: “What’s the eye of the tiger, Daddy?”

Me: “Well, it’s about being focused and ready for whatever you are practicing for, like a big game.”

C: “Who has the eye of the tiger?”

Me: “The guy singing the song, he has the eye of the tiger.”

C: “Is it a real tiger?”

Me: “No.  He sees like a tiger.”

G: “Daddy, does he look like a tiger?”

Me: “Umm, no.  Tigers have good eyes, so he’s focused on what he’s doing, like a tiger would.”

C:  “So is he wearing the eye of a tiger, like on a necklace?”

G:  “What if he has the eye of lion?”

Me:  “Hey kids…”

G: “Does he have just one eye?”

C: “Did he steal the eye from a tiger?”

Me: “KIDS!  Can we just listen and enjoy the song?”

C: “Ok.”

G: “But what is the eye of the tiger?….”

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