Teaching your kids to lie?

I still remember the days of teething kids with their related fevers and unexplained vomiting incidents. The kids weren’t really sick; it’s just part of the normal toddler development. Enter the local accredited, award-winning daycare provider. There are black and white rules around sick kids, and they understandably exist for a reason. No kids with a temperature over 100. Kids must be vomit-free for 24 hours before returning to day care.

Did I fudge these guidelines? Yep. Did I lie one time when asked if Claire hadn’t vomited within 24 hours? Yes, I did. Did I feel guilty? Not really. My ex and I knew our kids better than anyone else. And we didn’t feel like we were putting anyone else at a health risk, which is the primary purpose of the guidelines. Two working parents with young kids is a tough period and I have empathy for others in this situation. Unexpectedly taking a day off or working from home (if you even have a job that allows you to) is not always an easy solution.

I consider myself a pretty conscientious person, but also pragmatic. So while I appreciate all the parenting laws and guidelines out there, I feel that my own common sense and instincts are still important in how I parent. However, if last Sunday’s scenario is any indication, I may have to rethink my approach. A seven year-old is much more aware than an 18 month old!

Claire – “Don’t I have to be 8 before I can sit without my booster seat?”
Me – “It’s a short drive, you’ll be ok.” (as I recall never wearing a seat-belt, let alone a car seat while growing up)
Claire – “But what if the police pull us over?”
Me – “We can tell them you’re 8 if they ask.”
Claire – “You want me to lie to the police?”

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