Daddy, her face is creepy

Young kids have the best lines, you know those unscripted moments when they say something out of the blue and you nearly snort red wine out of your nose?

Well before I share what 6 year old Grady said last week, allow me to set the stage. It was a guys night through and through.  I had leftover rib eye and prime rib from arguably the best steakhouse in town and I was online researching the best way to reheat the steaks without losing the tender medium-rare centers.

Grady was growing impatient with my approach to dinner so he asked if he could watch AC/DC videos on the television.  Yes, he’s a six year old AC/DC fan and I just so happen to have their DVD box set. He could even watch Highway to Hell this night, since his older sister wasn’t around to admonish him for listening to the “H” word.

Fast forward thirty minutes and we’re both happily devouring our steaks.  I let Grady keep the videos playing all through dinner with the sound turned up.  And we progressed through the Back in Black album of videos to a few lesser known songs with videos created for the MTV generation instead of raw concert footage.

The scene is the inside of a bar, and this 80’s rocker chick with tight leather pants, big hair, and an overdose of makeup comes strutting through the door.

Grady is staring intently at the screen and without moving eyes, comments: “Daddy, her face is creepy…but her body is really cool.”


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