The real morning rush hour – Eggo waffles

My commute into downtown Minneapolis averages 35 minutes a day, and well over an hour if the snow is flying.  There are accidents, car-pool lanes, road rage inducing drivers and of course all those people glancing down at their smartphones while trying to avoid a rear-end collision.  My favorites?  The women putting on make-up while driving.  Guys with handheld shavers trimming their beards.  The handful of people I’ve seen with a newspaper spread across the steering wheel.  And that one lady holding a spoon in one hand with her bowl of cereal or yogurt in her other hand.

Ironically, commuting is the most relaxing part of my morning.  I have a comfy car, good music playing, and after ten years of the same commute, I know all the tricks and exactly when to shift to the right lane after passing highway 100.  The real rush hour is before I leave the house, during the weeks where I have the kids and I’m outnumbered.  1 dad, 2 kids and 1 dog.

After letting the dog outside quickly, I squeeze in a shower and get dressed before waking the kids.  Grady is usually up and watching Netflix before I’m out of the shower while Claire is a future ‘alarm clock snooze button addict’ requiring me to literally pull her out of bed some mornings.  The kids dress themselves, and my only goal is to ensure Claire attempts to brush her hair (of course she doesn’t let me touch her hair) and that Grady puts clean underwear on (weekly laundry proves this out as I sometimes see only two dirty pair a week).  Breakfast is less of a meal and more of a 100 yard dash to ensure they get something in their tummies before heading out to the bus stop.  On a good day, it’s cheesy scrambled eggs, toast and raspberries. On a bad day, Eggo waffles or microwaved frozen eggopancakes, spoiled milk, and moldy strawberries ending up in the trash.  I guzzle down a cup of coffee and choke down a peanut buttered bagel while the dog eats and the kids find any excuse not to eat.  Then it’s time to round up the backpacks with a snack, their folders and an overdue library book or two.  It’s a whirlwind rush to get shoes and jackets on, head out to the bus stop where I happily send them on their way.

Finally it’s time for my morning respite – my alone time – my morning commute.

1 thought on “The real morning rush hour – Eggo waffles

  1. Driving is always relaxing. My commute time is almost same, 40 min. But longer distances are more relaxing for me.
    Glad to see that everything can be organized fine. I needed that

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